Great Harvest Bread
Seasonal Specialties

Mardi Gras 
King Cakes

Valentine's Day
Chocoalte Brownie Hearts
Devil's Food Cupcakes
White Chocoalte Cherry Swirl Bread

St. Patrick's Day
Irish Soda Bread
Reuben Rolls
Bailey's Irish Cream Bread Pudding

Honey Bunnies
Virginia Rolls
Italian Almond Bread
Rosemary Kalamata Olive

Fourth of July
Red White and Blueberry Bread

Virginia Rolls - Our special take on Parker House Rolls
Cranberry Orange Rolls
Cranberry Sage Sourdough
Wild Rice and Cranberry Bread
Italian Almond Bread

Grandma's Julekaka
Holiday Stollen
Chocolate Babka
Cranberry Sage Sourdough
Italian Almond Bread
Great Harvest Bread of St. Paul
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